Thursday, 23 April 2009

Eight lives left for this litter

Good Samaritan rescues 10 abandoned kittens

When Jonathan Breedon heard the cries of a kitten near his Vaughan Rd. home early yesterday morning, he thought nothing of it.

But when he heard the same cries in the mid-afternoon, he decided to investigate.

Breedon traced the noise to the open backyard of a house at Cedric and Jesmond Aves. Rummaging through a pile of wood, he stepped on a wood basket.

A kitten crawled out of the No Frills shopping bag beside it.

"I'm like, `Okay, there's a baby cat in there,'" said Breedon, 23. "`Oh my gosh, maybe there's two or three.'"

There were 10 kittens in the bag – newborns, their umbilical cords still attached.

"I was shocked and disgusted. How could anybody do that? They're just babies. You've got to take responsibility for them."

Breedon has rescued animals before, including three abandoned dogs and a baby squirrel he found on a bridge over Allen Rd.

He took the kittens home, washed them in his bathtub, and fed them each an ounce of milk. Then he wrapped them in a towel, placed them in a box and brought them to the grateful Humane Society.

The kittens will be placed in a program to help them transition into an existing litter, spokesperson Ian McConachie said.

Source: Toronto Star

I was saddened when I saw this on the news last night. What cold-hearted person would do this??!! I hope they catch whoever left these kitties to die!

April 24 update: One of the kitties has died :(


Sarah said...

These stories make me feel sad also. I'm glad the Toronto Humane Society will take care of them.

Angie in TO said...

These stories are heart breaking. It happened to friends of ours in March, Rob blogged about it:

Sue said...

Just horrible....I hope the kittens each find a loving home.

Darlene said...

Don't worry. I'll take care of them when I do my kitten- feeding shift on Sunday! They're in good hands at the Humane Society.

BTW people really suck.

BetteJo said...

People do crap like that all the time. Sometimes it just makes you hate.

lovesmukiwa said...

I HATE people for their cruelty.
We find now that we live out in the "country" that it is a fairly common coourance for people to drive out, drop off animals, and drive away, assuming that whomever finds them will give them a good country home. Unfortunately this is NOT the case most of the time. Being that I am married to the current incarnation of Dr. Doolittle, we have rescued many animals. In fact, every animal we have is a rescue. Thank goodness there ARE rescuers out there.

LadyBanana said...

I just cannot understand how people can be so very cruel, it makes me feel so sad.