Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I taught Advanced Excel 2007 today. I've never taught the Advanced workshop nor have I worked much in 2007. I didn't think I did a stellar job but the evaluations came back that I did a good one. Yay!

Gord met three friends for supper so I had curried chicken and rice. I love love curried chicken ... Gord doesn't. So I tend to have it when he's not around.

I got caught up on some things.

When Gord got home, he reminded me that Biggest Loser was on. Eeek! Obama gave a speech tonight, though, which bumped it so I didn't miss any of it. Yay!

The headache from last night came back but I thought I had it beat.

I didn't.

11 Advil later it's gotten worse so I'm heading to bed.


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Teresa said...

I feel for you. Hope it's moved on. Take care.