Sunday, 29 March 2009


It's been a productive day.

I woke up early this morning and headed to the gym. Whoohoo! I hadn't been in a while ... lazy, busy, not interested ... whatever.

Gord had a fencing tournament in Newmarket today. He came home with a silver medal. Yay Gord!

While Gord was gone, I did my taxes. This is my first year as self-employed so it was a different approach. We have QuickTax which makes it a lot easier ... I let it walk me through the steps. I owe lots of money ... but I expected to since I'm responsible for my own taxes, CPP and EI. Plus I have to pay the GST I've charged. Don't worry, I've been putting money away every month. I have to file by the end of April. Since I owe, there's no rush in getting it in until closer to the deadline. I'll take another look at it in a couple weeks to make sure it's okay.

It was pouring rain all day ... then the sun came out just as I was finishing my tax return. Excellent! KC and I had a couple good walks (she doesn't like the rain) after that.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Being self-employed has its pros and cons, doesn't it...

lovesmukiwa said...

ARG tax time.
I loathe this time of year. I need to start doing them myself, but I don't think that would make me like this time of year MORE lol

Teresa said...

Congrats to Gord on the win. Not sure anyone I know likes tax time. We hid in the house all day cause it poured rain. Lola did not take kindly to having her paws wiped down when she came in from the backyard. Our grass has become super thin and there's lots of mud. I heard there will be some snow here sometime this week. ARG!