Friday, 20 March 2009

Happy anniversary, Angie!

It's been 20 years since Angie moved to Toronto from Truro, NS.

We gathered at the Big Ragu to celebrate.

Angie and Amanda got there just ahead of me. There they are at the entrance.

Our waitress was Vanessa. Here she is with Chia Kitty.

Here's Angie, Amanda and Vitra.

My pal (and former neighbour), Monica and I.

Here's Andrea (I hadn't see her in years!) and Anita.

Here's Monica, me and Rosa.

And here's our table ... Monica, me, Rosa, Diane (she's camera shy), Andrea, Anita, Angie, Amanda and Vitra.

I met Angie in the spring of 2001. She had just started a women's social group called Girls Night Out Club and I joined. Angie organizes us every month or so to do something fun!


Angie in TO said...

Hey Teena, is there anyway I can just move this over to my blog Other then just cutting and pasting the link?

Tina said...

there are so many of you! sounds like you have some really nice friends

Tammy said...

That's so nice that all the girls went for a day out together! I should do that soon with my girl friends.

RennyBA said...

Your the Queen of gatherings and it looks like you had a great time.

I might invite to a Blog Gathering in Oslo, Norway next year. Would you like to make the plans together with me?