Friday, 27 February 2009


It seems like Twittering is all the rage.

I Twittered for a while last year ... but I found it to be way too time consuming updating my status and keeping track of everyone else.

So I stopped after a week or so.

There's an article in today's Toronto Star that our mayor, David Miller, Twitters.

Click here to peek at his Twitters. It's an interesting array of personal and work updates.

He "follows" other mayors.

Do you Twitter?


Tammy said...

I started to twitter. Still not sure about it all, but it's okay for now.

Mary Moore said...

I did consistently, but life took over and so I rarely get on now.

RennyBA said...

I do Twitter or at least I have an account as I'm always curious about Social Media you know.
I still struggling with finding a meaningful use though, so I learn step by step.

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

Isabel said...

nope I don't. Its probably blocked at work so I wouldn't do much on it anyways. I'll just do status updates on myspace and facebook.

LadyBanana said...

Yeah, I like the occasional Twitter..I don't let it take up much time, just Tweet when I feel like it.

Laura said...

I started this year. Didn't have an interest when it was new, I thought it was for people with cell phones only. But, nice to send a note here and there and see what others are note sending. I still don't have a cell phone so I only check it when I happen to think of it.

Tina said...

ive never understood twitter, and im not sure if i can be bothered to find out :0

Lord of the Wing said...

I twitter, but only to advertise updates on the blog. I don't really get it either, but I didn't want to be left behind.

I don't care about what most people do every minute of their lives, and I don't think people are interested in mine.

But chicken wing news is another case . . .