Saturday, February 14, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Gord and I saw saw He's Just Not That Into You this afternoon.

A group of interconnected, Baltimore-based twenty- and thirty-somethings navigate their various relationships from the shallow end of the dating pool through the deep, murky waters of married life, trying to read the signs of the opposite sex - and hoping to be the exceptions to the "no-exceptions" rule. Gigi just wants a man who says he'll call - and does - while Alex advises her to stop sitting by the phone. Beth wonders if she should call it off after years of committed singlehood with her boyfriend, Neil, but he doesn't think there's a single thing wrong with their unmarried life. Janine's not sure if she can trust her husband, Ben, who can't quite trust himself around Anna. Anna can't decide between the sexy married guy or her straightforward no-sparks standby, Conor, who can't get over the fact that he can't have her. And Mary, who's found an entire network of loving, supportive men, just needs to find one who's straight.

Not a bad movie ... I enjoyed it.

It's just over two hours long and I didn't find that it dragged (though Gord said he found it did sometimes).

I liked that not everyone ended up with someone in the end.

Some things, though:

- I found GiGi naive and too pathetic.
- I wasn't feeling the vibe between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston (they were Beth and Neil).
- Every time Jennifer Aniston was on the screen I wondered how much work she's had done because her face looked kinda creepy to me.
- I'm not a fan Scarlett Johansson (Anna).
- I found it odd that Janine (Jennifer Connolly) was more pissed off that her husband is smoking and lying about it (her dad had died of lung cancer) than banging Anna. Janine was such a cold unexpressive character.

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B said...

I agree with gord it dragged a bit at times I thought it would have been better.