Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I taught mail merge and some PowerPoint today and got out a bit early. Gord was meeting friends after work for supper so I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic.

In the glamorous world of New York City, Rebecca Bloomwood is a fun-loving girl who is really good at shopping--a little too good, perhaps. She dreams of working for her favorite fashion magazine, but can't quite get her foot in the door--until ironically, she snags a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine published by the same company. As her dreams are finally coming true, she goes to ever more hilarious and extreme efforts to keep her past from ruining her future.

The movie was so-so, not great.

I've read and enjoyed most of the Shopaholic books (though Rebecca started getting annoying at the end of the series).

It's been a while since I've read the first book. The movie kinda sticks to the original story but not really. It seemed like a washed-out version of the book. Everyone has been Americanized except for Luke ... makes for broader appeal, I guess.

Isla Fisher was a good choice to play Rebecca. I didn't find Hugh Dancy manly enough to play Luke, though. And Kristin Scott Thomas playing French was just weird.

Would I recommend it? Not really. Save your $$ and wait 'til it comes out as a rental. Or better yet, on the movie channel.


Little Oregon Bug said...

Thanks for the review-I think I'll wait for video. I love Isla Fisher, just because she's so cute and spunky, but the movie looked a bit annoying. Especially in our economic struggle, it isn't exactly a movie many of us can identify with right now. Still, I could see myself watching it on a rainy Sunday at home!

Teresa said...

I remember reading this books on my daughter suggestions. They were quite entertaining. I could never convince DH to go to see this one, will have to wait for it on video.

heminja said...

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