Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Compensation of bank CEOs slashed

Royal Bank's Nixon forgoes $4.95 million bonus; BMO, Scotiabank execs forfeit pay, other rewards

The top executives at three of Canada's biggest banks are taking deep pay cuts after the financial crisis eroded profits and battered stocks.

Royal Bank of Canada's chief executive officer announced yesterday that he is voluntarily turning down nearly $5 million in 2008 compensation, while his counterpart at the Bank of Nova Scotia saw his pay package slashed by 20 per cent. Hours later, Bank of Montreal's CEO also decided to give up $4.1 million in rewards.

Poor fella! Turning down a $5 million bonus. However will he manage?!

Seriously, it's mind boggling how these guys get a bonus ... A BONUS ... of $5 million! Most people dream of winning $1 million on a lottery and these guys get five times this as a bonus plus their salaries.

Do you think they deserve it?

You can read the article in today's Toronto Star.


Teresa said...

Absolutely not deserved! Don't get me going on the banks grrrrrrrrrr. Always nickel and diming us to death with ever growing fees.

Haley-O said...

Wow..., imagine what they're MAKING if they're forfeiting that bonus. Wow....

And, do they deserve it? Well, it depends.... Are they doing good in the world? Are they making the world a better place? Do they get it at the expense of other people's jobs/salaries...?

Tina said...

turned down 5 million! that is someone who is stupidly rich already or just insane!

raino said...

no sympathy coming from MOI about banks i'm afraid.


Julie said...

No one is worth that much money. Period.

Sue said...

Ridiculous! This is why we have to pays so many fees ...

corporatebully said...

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Toni said...

Wow that is a lot of money. Think of how many jobs that much money could support!