Monday, 29 December 2008

Saving $$$ on Steam Whistle

From guest blogger, Gord:

My errands today included taking back some empties and picking up a 12 pack of one of my favorite Pilsners, Steam Whistle. I stopped at the LCBO on Brock Street to see what they might have that I haven't tried.

In the cold section, they carried Steam Whistle in both 6 pack bottles and in individual 500ml cans. I was going to buy a 12 pack at the beer store but there was something in the math which caught my eye.

The price was $12.15 without deposit for a 6 pack of 341ml bottles. A 500ml can came to $2.60 without deposit. I did some rough calculations and determined that it was likely cheaper to buy 8 tall cans at the LCBO than it would be to buy a 12 pack of bottles at the Beer Store.

When I got home I did the math. At $2.60 for a 500ML bottle the price came to $.0052 per ml. This would make a 341ml bottle at this price cost $1.773 each. A 6 pack averages $2.025 per bottle. A 12 pack averages 1.854 per bottle.

So buy buying the equivalent amount in cans you would save $1.51 on a 6 pack the same and $.98 on a 12. 4 tins is about the same volume as 6 bottles and 8 tins roughly the same as a 12 pack.

Of course, not everyone likes to drink from a tall can. Some find the beer gets warm before it's done or it is a little too much when when a person just wants a beer or two. Neither are a problem for me.

Especially with this delicious brand!


Julie said...

Steam Whistle must be a Canadian thing, no? I don't think I've ever seen that brand before.

Tammy said...

Is that beer or an energy drink?

TorAa said...

a beer should be cold. If the Can is large, why not do like you do with White Wine?

Hope you had a great X-Mas.

Here in Oslo we've had 3 family gatherings so far. Too much to eat, as usual around Christmas time. And lot's of other goodies including fine Wines.

Here were we do live in the Oslo area, the weather has been nice, dry, mostly clear sky and some centidegrees below zero. But no snow in the lowlands.

Have a great New Year

Tina said...

i have never heard of it here near. yep must be a canadian thing lol wink! x

Teena in Toronto said...

Steam Whistle is a yummy beer that is made here in Toronto.