Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kenny MacLean

My pal, Liz, recently met Kenny MacLean and blogged about it. He was the bassist with the 1980s Canadian band Platinum Blonde.

Kenny headed the band at Gord's company's Christmas parties last year and the year before. I found him to be enthusiastic and entertaining.

He had a CD release party Friday night and Liz had invited me (I hooked up with Gord instead). She went and had a fabulous time.

Unfortunately, Kenny was found dead yesterday morning in his apartment/studio.

It's sad ... quoting from today's Toronto Star:

Former Platinum Blonde drummer Chris Steffler, who helped recruit MacLean into the band in 1985, said his old friend was on prescription anti-anxiety medication but was otherwise healthy.

"He was in tip-top shape. He could bench-press 200 pounds," Steffler said last night in an interview, adding he still often played with his old friend who was talking to him about getting Platinum Blonde back together for a show and maybe more.

"He had everything to live for," Steffler said, calling MacLean's final show "electrifying."


Sam's mistress said...


The hair scares me so much that I love it! Memories, memories! Thanks for coming to visit my blog! Hey it is my blogiversary isn't it? Thanks for telling me - I forgot about it! Ha ha! GREAT blog you have. I'll be visiting again soon, be sure!

Sue said...

I was never a fan, but it is sad when anyone so young passes on :(

Tim Scammell, Professional Technologist said...

It really pisses me off that "news" sources started saying that Kenny died of a drug overdose.
Preliminary results of an autopsy suggested his death was due to a heart problem.
Those idiots better clarify and apologize.

raino said...

i was just going to ask what he had died of. so sad. i used to be a fan in the 80's. funny though that the big hair didn't look like big hair back then eh.