Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chia kitty road trippin' to Alliston

I had some investment one-on-ones to do in Alliston (about an hour and a half NW of Toronto) this afternoon so took Chia kitty with me.

Once we got strapped in, we were off.

The roads weren't too bad ... kinda wet.

There's a lot more snow in the Alliston area than we have.

Chia kitty is a great travelling companion ... he doesn't mind listening to the variety that is on my ipod.

On the way back, we memorized all the words to The Rodeo Song.


Lizard said...

Atta girl,...but you really ought to introduce Kitty to Great Big Sea. ;)

raino said...

does chia kitty have to stop for pee breaks like every hour and stuff?

Drowsey Monkey said...

omg! You crack me up, lmao. Well at least you have him seat belted in there!

I saw a chia pet commercial tonight and thought of you!!!! hahahahaha

I wonder if he'll have hair on the trip back?

TorAa said...

You sure do have an excellent travel companion