Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Barack To The Future at The Second City

I don't know about you but I'm weary of all the coverage of the elections, both here in Canada and the United States.

I’m sooooo not political and all the parties here in Canada all sound the same to me.

To be honest, I’ve never done any research to find out what they stand for and why they are different. I should care but I don’t.

Thankfully the election here in Canada is over and the commercials with the candidates picking on each other and saying why they are so much better have come to an end.

And the U.S. election will be over shortly. I know even less about my American neighbours neighbors.

I see that The Second City here in Toronto has taken a playful approach to American politics that might help me understand things better:

Barack to the Future is an unstoppable, high-energy boost – poking fun at pop culture, politics, relationships and anything that dares take itself too seriously. Arrogant politicians, culture snobs and even the raccoons in your garbage make an appearance on stage through the hilarious character work of this extremely talented cast.

With a worldwide recession, global climate change and a daily litany of political disasters, Toronto could use a good laugh. How better to embrace hope, change and optimism than by looking Barack to the Future?

I’ve seen some shows at The Second City and they are funny.

In addition, I did all five levels of their improv program (it takes about a year) about ten years ago. It was a hoot! On our last night of class, we actually performed a show at The Second City.


Teresa said...

Yes enough is enough. I couldn't believe it the day after the election that they were already talking about the next one. Did they not get the picture that people are getting fed up.

Robert Campbell said...

There is a review of Barack To The Future in thestar.ca that says the play doesn't have much to do with American elections.

Teena in Toronto said...

Then I'd probably like it even more!