Wednesday, 30 April 2008

How to Look Good Naked

I came across the show, How to Look Good Naked, last night on TV.

I'd read about it but had never seen it.

Interesting show!

I watched both the U.S. and English versions. Fashion stylist and diva Carson Kressley hosts the U.S. version, which I liked a bit better.

How to Look Good Naked encourages women who are insecure with their bodies to strip nude for the camera. The program is unique among other makeover shows in that it never encourages participants to undergo cosmetic surgery or lose weight.

The format of the show is based on the self esteem building exercises guide the woman though. These include:

* Driving around in a van with a picture of the woman in question semi-nude on the side or posting it on a building, asking passersby what they think. The response shown is positive, thus building the self esteem of the woman.

* The woman's underwear is replaced with more flattering items. They are also shown how to buy clothes that are more flattering for their body.

* The woman is photographed naked ... and loves it!

It was so nice to watch the transformation of the women.

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Teresa said...

Sounds wonderful. I Could use their help for sure, but have to go it on my own. Its freezing here, hope the temps in TO are better.