Thursday, 21 February 2008

Snacking for energy

I came across an article by the Heart & Stroke Foundation about snacking. Here are some excerpts.

Smart snacking is a powerful ally for your heart health. Reaching for the right snacks will boost your energy and help you manage your appetite. It's one of the best strategies to prevent overeating and making poor food choices. That's good news if you're like many Canadians who love to snack.

Why snacking makes sense
Find mid-morning fatigue setting in? It's natural to feel a lull in energy levels if you don't eat between meals. Smart snacks may help your blood sugar levels from hitting a low and will keep you feeling energized all day long.

Famished by dinner time? 'll be that much more likely to overeat. Healthy snacking is a great way to manage your hunger and resist high- fat, high-calorie foods, making it easier to control your weight.

Need a boost to get you going? If you want to be more physically active, but are having a difficult time finding the energy, healthy snacks may give you a welcome boost for regular physical activity. Have a healthy snack 30 minutes before you bike, walk, swim or dance!

Power-packed snacks
Try these tasty power-packed snack ideas to boost your energy and maximize your heart health!
* A locally grown apple and a one-inch cube of lower-fat cheese.
* A small handful of trail mix made with dried fruit, nuts and seeds.
* A yogurt cup topped with a sprinkle of high-fibre cereal.
* A few trans-fat-free whole-grain crackers topped with salmon.
* Ginger snap cookies with a cup of 1% or skim milk.
* Whole-grain pita wedges or celery sticks topped with peanut butter.
* A home-made, lower-fat, whole-grain muffin made with nuts and fruit.
* Some raw veggies with a bean dip.
* Home-made oatmeal cookies with a yogurt drink.
* Half a cup of low-sodium vegetable juice and a small handful of soy nuts.


Isabel said...

homemade oatmeal cookies? I can do that. :)

Teena said...

Then you better send me some, Izzy!