Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I just watched Premonition.

Gord and I had watched it last year and didn't understand the ending.

I still don't, even the second time around.

Can someone pleez explain it to me. Why did the husband have to die? And why did she end up pregnant?



Isabel said...

I wanted to watch this one, but someone told me I probably wouldn't like it.

Teresa said...

Didn't understand this one either, sorry I can't help.

ti'mo said...

i was a bit confused too. what i took away was that some things are inevitable, but since she knew it was coming, she was able to be more loving toward her husband. so, even though he died, she was able to still have a part of him with her. or something like that. :)

dawnmg79 said...

We didn't get this move either. When it ended, we looked at each other and said "Is that it, where's the rest?" We just didn't get it.