Monday, 14 January 2008

NutriSystem update

As you know, I have been asked to review the NutriSystem program.

Here are the benefits:
  • Most of the meals come in a container you cook it in and then eat it ... so few dishes to wash.
  • There is a lot of choice, especially with the dinner meals.
  • It provides you with portion control.
  • It's good for someone who is busy cuz it's all ready for you ... you just heat it up.
  • The program includes snacks ... cookies, pretzels, chips, etc.
  • A lot of the meals are high in fibre.
  • I'm enjoying the Nutriflakes (cereal).
  • Peanut butter cookies are my favourite kind of cookie and the NutriSystem ones aren't too bad.

What I haven't liked about it:

  • The scrambled eggs are rubbery and salty. I stopped eating them after the first time (Gord's been eating them).
  • I eat very little salt and I'm finding that most of the meals are very salty (the sodium content is high).
  • The Green Pepper Steak with rice tasted okay but there wasn't a lot to it. There were about two tablespoons of soggy brown rice. The Zesty Cajun Chicken with Rice and Sausage, though, was more substantial.
  • I'm missing "real" fresh meals.
  • I love love love pizza ... and the Flatbread pizza was very tiny and not very satisfying.


Christine said...

LOL. My husband laughed when he read this over my shoulder, he said "Goodie, maybe I can have your scrambled eggs too..." LOL! I am glad that you are being honest about the whole thing.

PS. You are totally kicking my ass at scrabble by the way. I just can't seem to get ya.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very interesting. I have never heard or read any review or anything about someone's actual experience with this diet....Thanks for your honest opinion about the food---I have wondered about that, and you are the first person I actually know who has done Nutri-System!

Dragonstar said...

You've done well on this, and it must be so hard. But then, however you lose weight, it's hard!

I've spent half my morning on Facebook, and I've given up. I've deactivated my account, so I have no friends list at all any more!!! Sorry not to see you there, but I hardly used the thing anyway.

Teresa said...

looks like another busy weekend for you. Love the Letterman thing. Awful about that young man. World is a crazy place these days. Glad to see you are holding strong. All the best.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I would miss real food too much too and I don't like salty food so I'd never be able to do this.

Jodi_Lee said...

Yeah, I actually paid money once for all of this crap! I thought it was disgusting. There were a few things I could stand, but for the most part it was ugh! I'm glad you're being honest in your review.

Shelly said...

I am waiting for my first food delivery so your input was helpful. The way I figure, if all the food was delicious, it wouldn't be hard to stick to it and lose wait - right?