Saturday, 14 April 2007


We walked over to the main building for supper.

Maggie, Michelle, Kate, Yvette, Jenn and Jen

Angie, Sue, Amanda, Lisa, Monica,
Vitra, Yvonne, Pat and Teena

Yvette, Jenn and Jen

Maggie, Michelle and Kate

Amanda, Lisa and Monica

Angie and Sue

Vitra, Yvonne and Pat

Monica and Teena

Tonight for supper I had the mixed greens salad, beef tenderloin/mashed potatoes and creme brulee.


ZoeyBella said...

Hehehe... shiny blue satin blouse. Nice touch. :)

B said...

you all looked like you had a great time

LeeAnn said...

Missed you all updates LOL
Your hair looks awesome!! Love it shorter!

PS Caroline said she didn't have to come down to the seats to say Hi...did Don have fun?