Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gord and I met after work and started walking home.

We were accosted by a giant Guiness beer on King Street W ... so we stopped at Fionn McCools for a beer.


Me and Gord

Then we walked some more to the Wheat Sheaf and shared a jug of draft.

Then we stopped at the Bungalow Cafe for a couple drinks ... and I discovered a yummy drink ~ Amaretto and cranberry juice.

Me and Gord

Kevin and Rob (the owner) of the Bungalow Cafe


Melli said...

Sooooo... you're just warmin' up for the REAL deal tomorrow, huh? Good thinkin'!!!

Lisa said...

Wow- you were really getting ready for the big day today. Looks like loads of fun! What does an amaretto and cranberry taste like?

Trish said...

Cranberry and amaretto? Now that sounds good. Looks like you had a good/fun night :)

Heart of Rachel said...

It looked like a fun night out. Good drinks and nice conversation is a great way to spend the evening. Thanks for visiting me.