Sunday, February 18, 2007

Camera woes

Imagine my horror when I discovered on Friday night that I couldn't upload pictures to my computer from my camera!

I jiggled with the cable where it connects to the camera. At the right spot, pictures could be uploaded but that spot is hard to find and I had to keep holding it.

Was it the cable or the camera?

I went to Future Shop this afternoon to find out (that's where I bought my camera in November 2004). I discovered that I would have to order the cable directly from Canon. But Gino gave me an alternative ... why not buy a card reader instead? So that's what I did!

It came to $45 and I had a $50 gift card for Future Shop. Beauty!

My camera is a Canon Powershot S200. I love it because it's small and does everything I want it to do. But I lustily looked at the Canon Powershot SD600. It's even smaller and does more. But I will wait until mine dies (there's nothing wrong with it) to buy a new one.


Em said...

Isn't it perfect when you have a $50 gift card and the item costs $45!?!? Perfect. LOL

Both of my cameras are Canon and I just love them!

Lisa said...

Of course, I love my Canon! I use my cable to upload from to my laptop but my desktop has a built-in card reader. I've heard good things from people who have a reader like yours- hope you like it!

Arlene said...

I love my card reader, because no matter who was taking pictures, I can upload them :-)