Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ontario wine clubs

Gord and I enjoy wine. Our favs are sparking wine, gerwerstraminers and reislings. I like merlots and shiraz on occasion.

We joined Hillebrand's wine club a couple years ago and have enjoyed the experience.

Join the Wine Club and Unwrap a Bit of Wine Country Every Month ~ Join our monthly wine clubs and receive two bottles of specially selected wine every month, along with tasting notes, chef’s recipes, special offers and invitations to member only events. When you become a member of either Hillebrand Wine Club or Peller Wine Club, you will enjoy wine not readily available elsewhere, and receive exclusive membership benefits.

Every month we receive a box with two bottles of wine and my credit card gets charged $38. We got one yesterday and there were bottles of Trius Brut and Truis Reisling ... yummy!

We heard about another one lately called Winery to Home that we are thinking about joining too. It's similar to the Hillebrand one but you get wines from various wineries.

The WINE of the MONTH CLUB is where great wines are discovered ... and delivered! Experience extraordinary wines including limited availability, non-LCBO and the best new releases - each recommended by the top wine reviewers in Canada - Tony Aspler and David Lawrason. And also now taste the best in artisan cheeses from Ontario – matched with a good bottle of red wine.

Join now and enjoy:
  • 2 different hand selected wines from 2 different wineries each month
  • or a bottle of wine matched with artisanal Ontario cheese
  • convenient home or office delivery
  • winemakers’ and cheesemakers’ notes and food pairings
  • reviews and ratings by our experts
  • stop and start whenever you like


Michele said...

Mmmmm, wine! Joining a wine club is a wonderful idea and to answer your unasked question: yes, I do VQA - often.

Have you ever toured the Niagra wineries? They are glorious.

Teena said...

I've done the Hillebrand tour. It was interesting and fun. Glad to hear you VQA. Our American visitors will have no idea what we mean. Ha!

Thumper said...

I wish I liked wine. I ruined myself for it when my sisters and I--just three of us-drank about 2.5 liters of white wine one night 20 years ago. I haven;t been able to stand it since--and I live near the California wine country, where not liking it is nearly sacrilidge.

Michele sent me tonight :)

Lynn said...

I used to love wine, but these days wine does not like me.
I seem to react to every darn bottle we try.
Even tried doing our own and no difference.

It is like I started Menopause and suddenly wine is TABOO to my body.

I really miss enjoying wine.

Homo Escapeons said...

Congratulations fellow nominee and thank you for visiting.
I saw the recent study of the red wine soaked rats who are outliving their contmeporaries. I am sure that there will be plenty of volunteers for the next phase when this theory is tested on humans.

I regret to say that Red Wine gives me an instant hangover and Headache..luckily Rum does no such thing.

For some reason Rum Club lacks that certain jeus ne c'est quois that the term Wine Club conveys. Perhaps it is due to the fact that Pirates and Sailors on shore leave are not well known as bastions of moderation?

Teena said...

homo: If you start a rum club, I'll join! Preferably it's a dark rum club ... but no Bacardi's allowed!

thumper: Too bad you don't like wine. But I guess if I drank 2.5 litres, it would remain unforgetable to me too!

lynn: that sucks!

Lisa said...

This is something right up my alley- I'd love it! I toured several wineries when I lived in California and it was such fun.

I'd do the rum club too! ;-) I bought some rum yesterday to add to a hot spiced cider. Had to buy it on Saturday as it's not legal to sell liquor in the stores on Sunday around here. Silly, isn't it?

Teena said...

Then let's start a rum club! Whoohoo!!!

Lisa: You can't buy liquor in stores on a Sunday there? Wow! Our beer and liquor stores are open seven days a week (here in Ontario, we can't buy liquor from anywhere other than a beer or liquor store - in other provinces, you can).