Saturday, October 28, 2006

National Women's Show, Toronto, ON

This afternoon I went to the National Women's Show at the Trade Centre. Like last year, there were tons of vendors including wine and food sampling, health and wellness, career, business resources, finance, fashion, travel, clothing and lots more.

I didn't enjoy it as much as I did last year. They had run out of goodie bags by the time I got there around 12:30.

And it was soooo crowded! It was hard to move around. There were still lots of vendors giving out samples but the lines were too long. I barely stayed an hour.

Lesson for next year: Go as soon as it opens!


zoey castelino said...

Another secret is to hang around until almost when they close. It's then that a great many of the vendors and booths will give away the LARGE samples seen on display throughout the weekend. They can't give that stuff away during the show, but once it's over, it's all fair game.

Just a little tip I picked up from having been at those types of shows before.

Also, try and strike up a conversation with the people and if possible, work in the word "freelancer" and see what happens. :)

Teena said...

I was talking with a woman I work with today about it. She goes every year and was there on Saturday. She and her friends make a day of it and are there whenit opens at 10am. They came away with a HUGE stash. I just came away cranky :)

She also suggested that going at the last second is good because the vendors don't want to drag all their stuff away so they are more inclined to give it away.

I'll have a different game plan next year ...