Friday, 14 July 2006

Boho and Gino's, Toronto, ON

Tonight for Summerlicious, Gord and I checked out Boho (at Roncesvalles/Dundas W). It was a lovely experience.

My appetiser (mixed green salad) was good. I enjoyed my bacon wrapped fillet mignon (and Gord enjoyed his duck) and my brownie with ice cream was yummy (Gord's raspberry sorbet and lemon tart was good too!)!

Dinner is served at Boho's!

Afterwards, we started walking home and stopped at Gino's at Dundas W/Howard Park (we'd never been there before). We were having a drink on the patio when a woman with the biggest boobs I've ever seen walked by. I ran into her (her name is Nadine) in the bathroom twice and we ended up sitting with her and her friends.
Teena and Nadine (in the black shirt) and her friends

Sandy, the woman in white, loved to talk about Sandy. She was telling stories about how she used to live with a producer and hang with Jim Carrey about 25 years ago, how she used to be a Sunshine Girl, etc. George Chuvalo's neice sat with us for a while ... she was very quiet and didn't say much.


sannie said...

that sounds like fun :) :)

ames said...

Sounds like you guys had fun.

Didn't they stop the sunshine girl in the paper? Or was it the sunshine boy? He was never any good - blech. LOL

The Blog Whore said...


raspberry sorbet and lemon tart


Teena said...

They still have the Sunshine Girl on the last page but no Sunshine Boy. As you said, Ames, he was lame anyway :(

Mon said...

They are huge. Yikes!!!!