Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hogtown Comedy Festival - Old York Bar and Grill

The Old York is a bar not far from home. It apparently has the second oldest liquor license in Toronto. We like to go there and sit on the patio sometimes. Tonight we went with our neighbours, Grant and Jasmine, for supper.

Gord and I have had jerk wings and nachos there before but never a real meal. The menu looks good and the bartender recommended the hamburger. It's made from scratch, rather than frozen from a box. It was okay ~ a bit dry because it was done too much. And there's too much bun (it's a kaiser). The fries were good. We'll definitely go back as we like the patio but maybe I'll stick with the wings.

We stayed for the Hogtown Comedy Festival with the "Drink 'til They're Funny" All-Star Show with our neighbours, Grant and Jasmine. There was a line-up of about six comics. We like stand-up so it had potential. Except for the host, Todd Van Allen, the comics were very amateurish and not funny at all. Grant kept looking over at me all night and mouthing "Thanks, Teena" because this was my idea. Besides the fact that the comics weren't funny, we had a fun time.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, shucks. Thanks! Just doing some googling and found you.

Glad I came off funnier than the entree.

You can check out my website for other places I'll be performing. Some with food even. Hey, you never know.

Hope to see you at a show again!